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Message From THE DESIGNER:

Hi! Need an eye catching poster or memorable logo?  Maybe you're launching a new online project and need some help creating some professional on-brand content.  As a performing artist with a degree in marketing, I've spent the last 7 years honing my eye for designs that POP off the page. I've handed out flyers, chatted to audiences and seen countless poster walls at 50+ festivals all around the world.  If there is one thing I've learnt - first impressions count.  People may not choose a book by its cover but they sure do judge a show by its poster.  


I'm confident I can translate my clients vision into a design that engages customers, communicates vital information and creates a lasting positive impression.  While the majority of my portfolio reflects my work with creatives, my degree in business and marketing in tandem with my skill set allows me to take on corporate clients with strategic brand needs.

- Grant Busé

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