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The Shuffle Show - Grant Buse

1000 songs in 1 hour! Everything from Beatles to Beyoncé, ‘The Shuffle Show - A Playlist of Playlists’ has something for everyone!  Musical comedians Grant Busé and Elena Gabrielle are the creative geniuses behind the hit show.  Drawing inspiration from your favourite and most embarrassing iTunes playlists, The Shuffle Show is a parody of the Apple Store wrapped around an epic musical mash-up marathon.


Using tech giant Apple as the platform for its social satire, The Shuffle Show echoes society’s diminishing attention span, insatiable appetite for information and the ever changing face of technology and its social effect on current generations.   The Shuffle Show has been independently devised, produced, choreographed and musically arranged by Grant and Elena.


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★★★★★ - “Absolute Genius!” Melbourne Arts Fashion

★★★★½   - “Extraordinary” West Australian

★★★★★ - “Hilarious hour of Musical Comedy!” Beat Magazine

“Amazing from start to finish!” – YAWP Magazine

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