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The Late Night Sexy Show

The Late Night Sexy Show' is a celebration of sex through song. Using his unique brand of satirical striptease standup, let musical comedian Grant Busé take you on a joyous exploration of everyone’s favourite cardio exercise. As he removes his clothes he strips back the cultural taboos that prevent us from openly talking about bumping uglies, bedroom rodeo and pelvic piñata.

This critically acclaimed show features Grant's original songs, cheeky antics and huge... vocals. Think Tim Minchin meets Magic Mike! With songs such as 'Undress Me', 'Car Sex' and ‘The Spots That Make You O’, be prepared for a debaucherous, hilarious and enlightening night of entertainment. Pants optional!


The Late Night Sexy Show is also available for hen's night hire.  Watch the entire 1 hour show or just have Grant sing a few songs and serve drinks in gold hot pants. It's your night - you decide.


★★★★☆ "A non-stop laugh fest from start to finish... Buse works the crowd with a mastery and ease like nothing I have seen before"

- Melbourne Arts Fashion


"Part-musical, part-comedy, part-strip show and political satire, this is a highly entertaining performance that demonstrates taboo subjects can be humorous without being distasteful"

- Theatre Press 


"A clever mix of pop music and well-written comedy, Busé is remarkable talent and one to watch"

- Australian Stage


"He’s intelligent, cute, creative, musical and and all ‘round nice guy".

- Kado

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